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Featured Paralegal Schools

National American University

- Paralegal Studies A.A.S.

- Paralegal Studies B.S.


Campus Locations: Independence , Minneapolis , Wichita , and More...

Eagle Gate College

- Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

- Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies


Campus Locations: Salt Lake City , Layton

Virginia College

- AS - Paralegal Studies


Campus Locations: Austin

Mildred Elley

- Paralegal Studies-CERT


Campus Locations: Pittsfield

South College Asheville

- Associate of Applied Science - Paralegal Studies

- Bachelor of Science Degree - Legal Studies


Campus Locations: Asheville

South College

- Certificate - Paralegal Studies

- Associate of Science - Paralegal Studies

- Bachelor of Science - Legal Studies


Campus Locations: Knoxville

IBMC College

- Certificate-Paralegal

- Associate-Paralegal


Campus Locations: Cheyenne

Pioneer Pacific College

- Associate of Applied Science in Legal Assistant - Paralegal


Campus Locations: Springfield

CDI College

- Paralegal-Advocate

- Paralegal

- Professional Legal Assistant

- Legal Administrative Assistant

- Legal Administrative Assistant - LCE.3V


Campus Locations: Surrey , Calgary , Edmonton , and More...

Lincoln College of New England

- Paralegal, AAS


Campus Locations: Southington

Santa Barbara Business College

- Paralegal Studies Associate of Science

- Paralegal Studies


Campus Locations: Rancho Mirage , Bakersfield

Kaplan University - KHE

- Associate of Applied Science: Paralegal Studies

- Certificate: Pathway to Paralegal Postbaccalaureate

- Bachelor of Science: Legal Studies

- Master of Science: Legal Studies


Campus Locations: Lewiston , Augusta , Omaha , and More...

Broadview University

- Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal

- Bachelor of Science in Paralegal


Campus Locations: Layton , Meridian , West Jordan

Keiser University Campus

- Paralegal Studies and Health Services Administration, AA (Online Only)

- Paralegal Studies, AA

- Paralegal Studies, AA (Online Only)

- Legal Studies, BA (Online Only)

- Legal Studies, BA


Campus Locations: Melbourne , Fort Myers , Sarasota , and More...

Brandman University

- BA in Legal Studies (Paralegal Profession)

- BA in Legal Studies


Campus Locations: Yucaipa , Temecula , Culver City , and More...

Accredited Online & Campus Paralegal Degrees

To be associated with work your passionate about leads you toward success faster than others and polishes your talent in that particular field. Paralegals as a profession has so much to offer to those who want to be a part of work carried out by the lawyers throughout the world. Legal work requires great deal of responsibilities, just as similar to the one lawyers do. Therefore, it is performed by assistants hired by lawyers to look after office work, hearings, closing of sessions, time-to-time trials, and most importantly corporate meetings.

Paralegal education straight from the classroom of a university campus in the other continent is just one click away and permits you to enroll yourself as an online student. An opportunity to do what you really want to do, a way to reach out to your dreams with only one decision of yours which will help you specialize the field of paralegals.

Paralegal studies offering Associate Degree, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree to students from around the globe. You will also have the opportunity to do freelance work getting into contract with attorneys to carry out various services. The programs include Paralegal Studies, Legal Studies, Criminal Studies, Law and legal studies to choose one as a career.

Paralegal degree along with special training done within a few months provides the chance to assist lawyers or join private firms to serve and learn more with highly professional lawyers. You may have your doors open for corporate legal departments or with a higher paralegal degree online you might end up being employed by the Department of Justice.

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