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Featured Criminal Justice Schools

Kaplan University

- MS in Criminal Justice - Law

- MS in Criminal Justice

- BS in Criminal Justice

- MS in Criminal Justice - Global Issues in Criminal Justice

- AAS in Criminal Justice


Campus Locations: Online

University of Phoenix

- A.A. in Criminal Justice

- B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration

- BS in Criminal Justice Administration - Security

- B.S in Criminal Justice Administration/Cybercrimes

- BS in Criminal Justice Administration - Management


Campus Locations: Richmond , Arlington , Virginia Beach

Colorado State University-Global Campus

- Master - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration

- BS - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration


Campus Locations: Online

Keiser University

- Criminal Justice, BA (Online)


Campus Locations: Online

Walden University

- PhD in Criminal Justice - Public Management and Leadership-Advanced

- PhD in Criminal Justice - Online Teaching in Higher Education-Advanced

- B.S. in Criminal Justice - Crime and Criminals

- B.S. in Criminal Justice

- Doctor of Social Work - Criminal Justice


Campus Locations: Online

Liberty University

- BS in Criminal Justice

- AA in Criminal Justice

- Masters in Criminal Justice: Command College

- CERT: Criminal Justice


Campus Locations: Online

Ohio Christian University

- Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice


Campus Locations: Online

Kent State University

- Master's - Criminology & Criminal Justice - Victimology

- Master's - Criminology & Criminal Justice - Corrections

- Master's - Criminology & Criminal Justice - Police

- Master's - Criminology & Criminal Justice - Global Security


Campus Locations: Online

Keiser University Graduate School

- Criminal Justice, MA (Online)

- Master of Arts in Homeland Security


Campus Locations: Online

Northcentral University

- Homeland Security - MBA

- Criminal Justice - PhD in Bus. Admin.

- Homeland Security Leadership & Policy - D.B.A.

- Homeland Security Leadership & Policy - PhD in Bus. Admin.

- Criminal Justice - MBA


Campus Locations: Online

Criminal Justice Online & Campus Programs

Criminal Justice is the system prevalent in a country that comprises of actions and links between various government agencies. These associations are intended to preserve social order, stop and terminate crime, and reprimand those who misuse or neglect laws. They are often heavily penalized and charged with strict punishment and disciplining efforts.

Any Criminal Justice system is aimed at upholding the law and preserving peace and safety for its population. The Criminal Justice system comprised of three distinct agencies: Law Enforcement (police); Arbitration (courts); and Corrections and Rehabilitation (jails, prisons, probation and parole). These organizations work in coordination with each other and separately to uphold the law within the society.

Criminal Justice degree programs are offered at almost all online and brick and mortar institutes and universities offering Certificate, Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degree levels in the range of disciplines listed above.

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